To get started I have compiled a group of programs that you 

will need in order to put games and apps on your zune. (I have

 also gathered some games and applications that that you can



     1.The first step that you need to do is download the programs and install  them according to the instructions in the "READ ME's". The "READ ME's" will aid you and make sure that you install the programs in the correct order. You will need to have the latest version of the zune software on your computer and zune.

The program package will contain:

  • XNA Game Studio 3.0
  • Microsoft studios C#
  • net.Frameworks 3.5

( You only need net.Frameworks if you don't have the latest version. )


     2. You need to install the programs in this order. Be sure to Read the "READ ME's" first. 

  1. net.Frameworks 3.5 ( only if you don't have the latest version. )
  2. Microsoft C#
  3. XNA


    3. After you have installed the programs you will need to go into the start menu and find xna. You will then need to go into xna game studio device center. After that you need to connect you Zune.( make sure the zune program isn't running)


     4. You then need to click Add Device and then click Next.

     5. It then should bring up a menu like below with your zune. Click on your zune and hit next.

     6. It will then test the connection and bring up another window. Hit finish and your zune will be ready for games and apps. 

     7.The next step is to download any games or apps that you wish to put on your Zune. If you are new at this then I recommend that you download the game and app that are available for download below. The below games and app are in xna  packages like this.

This allows you to click on them and they automatically install onto your Zune.




The downloads are on a file sharing website due to a server error.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Before downloading please read our terms and conditions

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