Since the start of Zune, Microsoft has introduced three generations of Zunes. At the start of Zune, Microsoft made a 30 GB Zune (the first generation). Microsoft quit making the first generation in-between the second and third generation. A year later after the release of the 30 GB, they made a second generation of Zunes. The second generation of Zunes consisted of a 4, 8, and 80 GB Zune. A year after that they made their third and latest generation of Zunes. This generation added 16 and 120 GB Zunes to the family. Along with newer versions Zune, Microsoft has updated the firmware giving the Zune new features. The original firmware had music, videos, pictures, a fm radio, and a community section that allowed you to share music and pictures with other Zunes through a wireless feature. With the new firmware updates Zune has renamed there community to social. They also branched out there sharing feature by also expanding the sharing to the internet. They also added games, wireless marketplace feature for your Zune, a screen lock feature, and a clock after many pleas from Zune users. All of these combined make a MP3 Player that Apple should be afraid of. The biggest thing that will make or break Zune will be what they do in the future.


  • First Generation

  • Second and Third Generation

The Second and the third generation look the same but the only thing that seperate them is the hard drive sizes and colors that they feature.

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